Message from Karen:
Given all of the recent and dramatic changes in daily life due to the Covid-19 outbreak, you may be feeling a lot of different feelings, your work may be directly impacted and you are wondering how you will manage all of the changes. Having a safe, confidential space to share your concerns, strategize and process will be very important.

I am committed to continuing to provide services including on-line, Facetime and telephone options so we can all stay as safe as possible. Please call for a consultation and we can discuss your concerns today.

“Therapy with Karen has been an eye opener and a life changer.
It’s definitely saved my marriage, taught me how to better manage my anxiety,
navigate through my family history and even leave a career I was truly unhappy with.
Karen provides a safe space built on trust, understanding, compassion and encouragement.
Life can be so hard and it’s nice to have someone who helps you really build the skills you need to stay afloat.” – C.W.

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“With all the academic and social pressures of college, my anxiety got really bad and I really needed a place to figure things out. Karen came highly recommended and I was glad to find out that she had worked at NYU in their counseling services so she understands what I’m dealing with and has been really helpful.”
– C.S., New York City